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Your Own Screensaver

Create your own screen saver with javascript! Upload your coolest creations or download other great screen saver codes!

Have much fun with creating with Your Own Screen Saver! Show off your coding skills to your friends, get amazed by what can be done with some simple javascript, and have a nice screen saver which you can modify to your heart's content.

The magic behind the scenes? It's simple really; The screen saver loads an ordinary html file and your javascript. All of it editable by You!

The application is available in Windows Store, free to download and use.

Yoss forum

The forum is where everything happens:

  • Find and download lots of screen savers in the forum!
  • If you register in the forum, you can share your own creations.
  • Join the forum to ask questions, aid others in the art of javascript or just hang around.

Download Yoss

Download Your Own Screen Saver in Windows store.

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